Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule
Long Term Storage

Maintenance Schedule

12 Hour Maintenance
1) Clean excess mud and debris from tractor implements
2) Check fasteners including front and rear wheel bolts / nuts.
3) Check all fluid levels.
4) Inspect tractor for leaks.
5) Check tire pressure.
6) Grease all fittings. Grease hitch pins.

50 Hour Maintenance
1) Complete all tasks listed in 12 hour maintenance schedule.
2) Check cylinder head torque. Do not loosen head bolts and retighten.
3) Adjust intake and exhaust valves.
4) Inspect air filter and replace if necessary.
5) Change engine oil and filter.
7) Check and adjust if necessary the clutch and brake free play.
8) Change transmission oil
9) Change front axle oil if applicable.
10) Remove and clean hydraulic screen.
11) Change hydraulic oil.
12) Inspect the battery for leaks and terminal corrosion.
13) Inspect fuel petcock sight glass for contaminates. Remove and clean if necessary.
14) Replace engine fuel filter.
15) Drain and replace engine coolant with antifreeze mix.
16) Inspect all lights and electrical devices. Fix or replace as required.
17) Inspect steering and adjust toe-in if necessary. Toe-in should be 4 to 10 mm.
18) Grease throwout bearing using that goofy looking grease gun that came with your tractor. One or two small squirts will do.

250 Hour Maintenance
1) Complete all procedures listed under 50 hour maintenance.

Long Term Storage

1) Thoroughly clean all tractor surfaces.
2) Lubricate all zerk fittings.
3) Change engine oil and filter.
4) If the tractor has an upswept exhaust, cover exhaust outlet with securely fastened can or sturdy plastic bag.
5) Spray a light coating of oil on no painted surfaces.
6) With the compression release engaged, crank the engine over for 10 seconds without starting. This will lubricate the cylinder walls.
7) Tractor should be protected from the elements by storing indoors or coving with a tarp.
8) Raise the tractor so that all four wheels are off the ground.
9) Remove the battery and place battery on a trickle charger.
10) Once every 3 months start the tractor engine and run for at least 20 minutes.